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Instant Yellowstone National Park Scented Candle Tin - 8oz

If you've ever visited Yellowstone you'll know why they call it America's Best Idea. The first National Park ever with it's geysers and boiling mud and wildlife, Yellowstone feels like another planet. Discover the warmth of the great outdoors with our Instant Yellowstone National Park Scented Candle! Submerge yourself in an alluring woody aroma, reminiscent of the majestic nature of Yellowstone. Hand poured with love, this candle is truly an adventure for the senses! Light it up and travel to the great outdoors!

 Eight ounces of hand poured soy wax scented with all natural Juniper, Vetiver and Tobacco create a woodsy spicy scent that lasts for 40+ hours.

 Comes in a handy reusable tin that can be repurposed for camping supplies like matches or spices! Makes a great gift for anyone who loves travel, adventure and the great outdoors! Copyright H. B. Elliot