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Antiqued Compass W/Stone & Herkimer Diamond Chain Necklace

Always find your direction!

This necklace features a cast brass Compass that has been aged and antiqued with a tiny crystal, and a delicate 6 inch brass & black chain drop with a Herkimer Diamond and diamond cut hematite beads.

It is draped on beautiful delicate black and brass chain.

The Compass is a symbol of guidance and direction. Representing the interconnectedness of all directions. Compasses are reminders that you are free to choose the courses of your life as you wish, and a request to the Universe to guide you towards your True North.

Herkimer Diamonds represent spiritual illumination and enlightenment are said to help with higher attunement and get you to a place where you feel crystal clear about things. First found in Herkimer New York, the crystals are magnificent works of nature, having a diamond-like geometrical shape and they are close to five hundred million years old.

Length: 16" + Extender

Metal: Brass

Chain: Brass Black & Brass Snake Chain

Handmade with Art and Soul

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