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1910 Rebellion Cologne

Embrace Your Inner Cowboy with 1910 Rebellion Men's Cologne - Inspired by Rodeo and Historic Pendleton, Oregon

Step into the world of the Wild West with the legendary "1910 Rebellion" cologne, reborn with a rebellious twist in R. Rebellion style. Inspired by the historic 1910 Pendleton, Oregon, and the thrill of rodeo, this fragrance captures the essence of rebellion with a unique and invigorating blend of notes.

Experience the zesty freshness of bergamot and mandarin, intertwined with lavender and exotic spice for a complex and captivating aroma. The addition of clary sage brings a touch of herbal freshness, while the base of white amber musk and sandalwood creates a warm and inviting aura that lingers throughout the day.

50 ml Mixed by Hand Fine Fragrance Paraben + Phthalate Free