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Small Music Note Necklace

vintage paper/resin, silver-plated, 10mm bezel, 1.5mm base metal silver ball chain

A one-of-a-kind necklace made with vintage sheet music! This tiny pendant measures approximately 8mm and features a single music note culled from original vintage sheet music paper. Paper rests within silver-plated pewter bezels which are sealed and coated with a protective layer of resin that creates a slight magnification. Available in an assortment of musical notes (quarter, half, eighth, whole, etc) allow me to curate a collection for you, or you request specific notes.

Each pendant dangles from a petite silver-plated ball chain measuring approximately 22" that can be easily snipped to a shorter length - just open the connector and cut the chain. A perfect layering piece - wear them with other necklaces and stagger for the perfect look.

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