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Herkimer Diamond and Hematite Short Necklace Gunmetal

This delicate necklace features diamond cut hematite beads and a rough cut Herkimer Diamond, on dark vintage chain plated Gunmetal.

Herkimer Diamonds are said to help with higher attunement and get you to a lpace where you feel crystal clear about things. First found in Herkimer New York, the crystals are magnificent works of nature, having a diamond-like geometrical shape and they are close to five hundred million years old.

Please note, due to the nature of natural stones— every stone is slightly different and may have slight variations, or inclusions. Wear it alone, or layer it up.

Metal: Brass that has been plated Gunmetal (Dark Silver)

Chain Length: 14” + Extender

Handmade with Art and Soul in Los Angeles.
Made in United States

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