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Fern Large Chunky Necklace

This one-of-a-kind 'framed' pendant showcases a variety of gorgeous color from beautifully saturated earthy fern imagery culled from authentic vintage nature books. Each authentic image features the original paper and has been sealed in layers of durable jewelry grade resin for protection. Versatile and completely unique, it works as perfectly with a t-shirt as it does a little black dress. Necklace chain measures approximately 18" plus an additional 2" for the pendant, but can be made a bit shorter when threaded through the connector or by cutting links. 

vintage botanical imagery/resin 2" bezel, 6.4mm silver ball chain, 18” adjustable. Simple but powerful necklace with large brushed 6.4mm silver ball chain and a chunky silver pendant with a deep bezel that measures 2" in diameter.

Eagle Fern
Sword Fern
Maiden Hair Fern
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