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Eternal Knot Ring

This Eternal Knot ring is a wearable reminder of the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Without end or beginning, the eternal knot illustrates how all phenomena are intertwined and yoked together in a closed cycle of cause and effect, bringing karmic connections to mind - for when you tug on one end of a knot, there will be an effect someplace else. Its endless configuration evokes samsara, the Buddhist concept of the perpetual cycle of life, and represents the eternal continuum of mind. A form of great simplicity and balanced harmony, the eternal knot also symbolizes the interrelation of wisdom and compassion, and indicates continuity as the underlying reality of existence.

Material: pure brass (nickel-free)

Approximate size of central design: 9 mm x 5 mm

Handcrafted in India

This piece may feature slight variations and natural inclusions due to its handcrafted nature.

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