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Dance of the Dragonfly & 4 Multi Tourmaline Drop Earrings

These are beautiful earrings that feature beautiful laser cut Dragonflies, wire wrapped Tourmaline (assorted colors) and triangle drops. They are light weight and fabulous.

Tourmaline is such a fascinating stone, the colors range from pink, green, purple, rainbow, natural, white, clear, watermelon, and black.

Please note: As you can see in the photo each earring is unique in its coloring which we feel adds to the very special nature of this stone and this design. Each combination will be chosen with intention. Just like people each stone combination is uniquely different.

Tourmaline is said to represent protection and grounding.

Dragonflies are seen as symbols of transformation, change, and adaptability.

Metal: Brass

Earwire: Brass that has been plated 18k Size:

Approx 3.25 inches

Handmade with Art & Soul

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