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Bright Angel Point Bandana

This scientifically illustrated bandana was inspired by the flora and fauna that thrive at the beautiful Bright Angel Point in the Grand Canyon. This bandana serves as your field guide for wildlife in Arizona and is the perfect way to carry the essence of a place with you wherever you go.


Hand illustrated with location-specific flora and fauna

Hand screen printed with water-based ink

Made in Montana, United States of America

100% Cotton 21" x 21"

Printed on a natural colored bandana

Featured Species: American Bison Coyote Eaton’s Penstemon Grand Canyon Rattlesnake Grand Canyon Tailed Copper Butterfly Grand Canyon Tarantula Mule Deer Plateau Fence Lizard Six Spotted Orb Weaver Spinystar Stansbury’s Cliffrose Western Bluebird Wyoming Paintbrush Zone Tailed Hawk