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What to Wear Wednesday- Accessorize w/Townsend Collective

February 08, 2018 1 min read

Valentine's Day is a week away! If you haven't picked up a little something for your Valentine, accessories can be something simple yet meaningful to gift.

Which is why this week we wanted to share our top 4 favorite jewelry & accessory collections for a What to Wear Wednesday feature.


1. Chili Rose

If you value unique handmade pieces, this line is for you. Each bracelet and earring is unlike the next. Adonnah Langer creates Native American inspired bead work based off her love of light and color. She never duplicates a pattern twice so you can be certain that the jewelry you are receiving is the only one of its kind. Find more here.Chili Rose Jewelry by Adonnah Langer

2. Townsend Collective

Based out of Bozeman, Stacy Townsend is best known for her beautifully minimal designs. She works with a lot of natural Montana elements, gold and brass hardware. Townsend Collective in Bozeman MT

3. KBD Jewelry

KBD is an LA based artist that also specializes handmade jewelry. These pieces often feature labradorite and aquamarine with elegant yet sturdy black or sterling silver clasps and hooks. These will be timeless additions to your collection. KBD Jewelry earrings

4. Hobo Wallets

Need they any introduction? Every girl wants some variation of Hobo leather in her life. We have a multitude of sizes and colors to pick from right now.

Genuine hobo leather wallets

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